Antipode dating

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Screenplay : Marina Razbezhkina Cinematographer : Irina Uralskaya, Denis Klebleev Producers : Marina Razbezhkina Marina Razbezhkina, film director: I love making photos. I understood that I wish to tell about him but I am not interested in making a biography film, even if his biography deserves to become a film, whether a documentary or a live-action one. Maksim Dmitriev was a first Russian realist who documented the life around him; he started a path for documentary filmmakers to follow.The locations today and in the past – almost precisely 100 years ago – are the same: Nizhniy Novgorod and its surroundings.The photo journalist Maxim Dmitriev – the Russian August Sander – “was in love with reality”, the end credits quote respectfully. How fortunate for a country that has otherwise lost most of its sharp lenses and readjusted its optical axes.When I thought about the shape that the film was going to take, I understood that I should show these photos to our contemporaries.We made three-meter posters, choosing people from different social strata, still existing nowadays.

Lucy’s fresh, tell-it-like-it-is point-of-view is honest and direct.

For example, the antipodes of New Zealand's lower North Island lies in Spain.

Most of the Earth's land surfaces have ocean at their antipodes, this being a consequence of most land being in the land hemisphere. The antipodes of any place on Earth are distant from it by 180° of longitude and as many degrees to the north of the equator as the original is to the south (or vice versa); in other words, the latitudes are numerically equal, but one is north and the other south.

In this way, seven stories were created, and we filmed them.

Russian photographer Maksim Dmitriev liked reality, and in the beginning of the 20 century he photographed bums, workers, farmers, bankers and monks.

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